LookieTalkie-PTT Research Cases

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Case 1. Take advantage of radio applications(Introduction of LookieTalkie-PTT)

(Jeonbuk) The 26th national safety 119 fire policy conference (2014.9.30)
Strengthening fire fighting activities using smart phone - Mujinjang Fire Station Research Team

There is a need for a radio application that can be used in areas where the radio is not well communicated, such as in mountainous areas, in buildings, and underground areas. In February, 2014, the fire department organized and operated 'TF Team for Smartphone Usage Research for Firefighting' for two months from March to February. Here is an application called LookieTalkie-PTT, which is a proven wireless application. (Excerpt from the thesis)

By using LookieTalkie-PTT, not only is it compatible with the radio used in fire fighting, but it also allows communication between the firefighters, whether in buildings or underground, mountainous or shaded areas. Also it can be sutable for firefighters in the field since it is providing PTT service wiich interoperates bluetooth device and hands-free PTT function. Which means the best way to use of LookieTalkie-PTT radios function if the blutooth device can interwork with PTT Hands Free on the firefighters' helmet.(Excerpt from the thesis)

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Case 2.LookieTalkie-PTT Review

etaNews Review (2014.12.01)

Smart radios app for group-to-group communication, initialT LookieTalkie-PTT

If I could easily communicate between groups using my smartphone, could I be more efficient and save money? The smartphone radios application LookieTalkie-PTT, developed by InitialT, will be the answer. (excerpt from the article)

It is widely used not only for companies but also for individuals.Especially, it is suitable for people in groups such as outdoors, leisure-related clubs, cars, and bicycle clubs. TThere is no reason to carry with smartphones and radios together in a mountainous area, and automobile clubs only need to use a smartphone without having to purchase CB (Citizens Band) equipment for communication. Under any circumstances, the PTT environment is built naturally if you have a smartphone..(excerpt from the article)

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