LookieTalkie-PTT Case Video

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Case 1. Smarthphone (Android, iOS)

Users who want to use wireless communication service only with smartphone
It is a service that can connect with smartphone users by installing or renting a separate system.

LookieTalkie-PTT case 1. Smarthphone + Smarthphone

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Case 2. Smartpne + Radios

Users who want to use a radio communication service with a compatible smartphone and a radio
It is a service that have to be installed with a separate system or to be rented for interworking a radio user and a smartphone user.

LookieTalkie-PTT case 2. Smartphone + Radios

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Case 3. Smartphone + Radios(Bridge)

'LookieTalkie-RoIP ™ Bridge' service can be connected with multi-channel
Using several LookieTalkie-RoIP ™, it provides unified radio communication environment between multi-channel existing radios (UHF, VHF, TRS) and smartphone.

LookieTalkie-PTT case 3. Smartphone + Radios(Bridge)

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Case 4. Smartphone + Bluetooth

Convenient 'Hands Free PTT' service
Hands Free PTT function using Bluetooth, without touching the smartphone directly, provides radio communication service suitable for user environment such as logistics, transportation, leisure.

LookieTalkie-PTT case 4. Smartphone + Bluetooth

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