LookieTalkie-PTT Best Cases

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Case 1. Utilizing LookieTalkie-PTT in control center(Dispatcher)

Using LookieTalkie-PTT PC Receiver, it's possible to control multiple-channel service.
The LookieTalke-PTT PC Receiver allows simultaneous access to multiple channels (32 channels per supervisor), enabling wireless communication with smartphone (Android, iOS) app users connecting to each channel.
In addition, emergency notification is available for all channels using the emergency communication function, and even if PTT is transmitting or receiving.

Case 2. Use at large event venues

Provides radio system using a smartphone to many volunteers

There are many volunteers at the large venue. However, it is costly to deploy a walkie-talkie(radios) to all of them.In this case, you can make volunteers to use smartphone PTT application and give two-way radios to field staff. They can communicate each other byLookieTalkie-RoIP which can connect PTT clients and existing radios such as UHF/VHF/TRS. (Example. Sport events)

Case 3. Can use earphone and bluetooth PTT buttons on the high-speed bus

Support quiet PTT reception and convenient PTT transmission without disturbing passengers

Many high-speed bus drivers across the country are using LookieTalkie-PTT with their earphones and bluetooth PTT button. Because many passengers are aboard on the express bus, they will use earphones or a Bluetooth headset to prevent the PTT reception sound from being exposed. Since you can not tap the screen of your smartphone every time you dial, you can conveniently send PTT using the Bluetooth PTT button.

Case 4. Can use LookieTalkie-PTT with SCP 860 in a cargo vehicle

Supports high-volume PTT reception and convenient PTT transmission in a high-noise, passenger-free environment

Many freight drivers across the country are using LookieTalkie-PTT using SCP 860 or earphones.In a cargo truck, you can use high volume devices such as SCP 860 because there's no passenger usually. SCP 860 is bluetooth speaker mic so that you can send PTT as well. Just use it like two-way radio device.

Case 5. Utilization of LookieTalkie-PTT on your Bike / motorcycle using Bluetooth headset and PTT button

PTT transmission and reception in a noisy and uncomfortable hand environment

Since bicycles and motorcycles have a lot of external noise while driving, PTT reception can take advantage of a necklace-type Bluetooth headset. You can also easily send a PTT by attaching a Bluetooth PTT button next to your hand for hands that need to hold the handle.